Recruit your friends to Pandemic Defense and get ready for Quarantine!

In Quarantine, you’ll be the director of Pandemic Defense and it’s up to you to save humanity before the outbreak infects and kills us all. You’ll tackle this single player experience by recruiting a team of specialized operatives and deploying them on high-stakes missions across the globe. Through research and tech, you’ll quarantine the outbreak and save humanity!

A talented director knows the best way to make sure the outbreak doesn’t spread is to gather up their friends! Trading tips and tricks among the Quarantine community will help to quell the outbreak! Make sure to tell your friends on STEAM that you’ll be tackling the most important task of your life in Quarantine, and they can get to work by wishlisting it too!

With Quarantine coming to STEAM Early Access on February 9, 2017, you want to start letting your most trusted survivalists that the time is NOW to put Quarantine on their wishlist and prepare to save all of humanity!