Quarantine Update v0.1.1.0 Now Available

Directors Mobilize! We are pleased to announce that our first update for Quarantine is now available. Update v0.1.1.0 contains a number of new additions outlined below. Also, in case you missed it, we have already pushed a few bug fixes and a tuning update that increased the difficulty level on ‘hard’ mode for all 3 scenarios.

• IMPROVED DISEASE INFORMATION: The disease infection bar now has a tooltip that reveals exactly how many ‘spread’ and ‘intensify’ actions the disease has each turn, as well as the chance of spawning a negative situation. This information should help you understand the disease’s behavior and plan your strategy accordingly.
• DISEASE MUTATION BAR: We’ve also added a mutation bar that shows when the disease is investing in mutating – and how close it is. This should help clarify how this mechanic works, and allow you to respond.
• RESEARCH NOTIFICATIONS: When you complete disease or tech research, the game now notifies you much more clearly so you can select new research. Many players requested this – thank you for the suggestion, keep them coming!
• ACHIEVEMENTS: We’ve added 3 new achievements inspired by community suggestions! What other achievements do you want to see in-game? Let us know and you might just see it added on the next update!
* Careless: Win all 3 scenarios without using the “”Heal Operative”” operation on hard difficulty. Thanks to Sniper___Prime for the idea.
* Dynamic Duo: Win all 3 scenarios by hiring only 1 additional operative on at least medium difficulty. Thanks to Sniper___Prime for the idea.
* Headstart: Win all 3 scenarios after not treating nor quarantining for the first 4 turns on hard difficulty. Thanks to Sniper___Prime for the idea.

We will continue to push more robust updates in the coming months and are working on incorporating your feedback. Thanks again for all of your support and again, keep the suggestions coming!